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When you see advertisements on television for Full Tilt Poker , one of the biggest points that they try to get across is the idea that the website they are advertising is not a website where online gambling actually takes place. When you see that commercial, you might be confused considering the large amount of online gambling that does take place at Full Tilt Poker. Well, it is one of the oldest tricks in the book as far as the online gambling industry is concerned and it involves the use of two different domain names. The Full Tilt Poker Net domain name is used in those commercials and it is the focus of this particular article.fulltiltpokernet Full Tilt Poker Net

Basically, the rules in many places prohibit the promotion of online poker if there is real money being used to gamble with, but are okay with the promotion of general online gaming sites. In order to get around this particular loophole, the Full Tilt Poker Net website is actually a play money website that you can visit in order to download the software and get into play money games.

The brilliance of this particular approach is that it allows Full Tilt Poker to advertise on television, but it also allows them to advertise their online gambling services because the play money and real money tables are in the same lobby of the same software package. For that reason, you can still get to real money gaming through Full Tilt Poker Net and more importantly you can still get the signup bonus if you sign up for Full Tilt Poker through the Full Tilt Poker Net website.

The same bonus conditions apply regardless of whether you have come through the Full Tilt Poker Net website or not. That means that you can still sign up for a real money account. You can still use your FULLTILT123 bonus code during the signup process and you can still claim the 100% up to $600 bonus that is offered to new players that sign up for a real money Full Tilt Poker account. It is possible through Full Tilt Poker Net to just sign up for a play money account, but even if you do that make sure you use the Full Tilt Poker Referral code so that you leave the option open later of upgrading to a real money account and then taking advantage of the 100% up to $600 online poker bonus offer.

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